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Organics Recycling

We collect organic materials like pre- and post-consumer food (fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat, animal feed, and paper products) and mix it with organic matter (wood) that would otherwise be dumped in the landfill to recycle into nutrient rich compost.  We add moisture to this mix to start the composting process.  Our current process takes 12 weeks.  The first 6 weeks the mix is processing at 150 to 165 degrees. All the products are being broken down into their natural state and absorbed into the organic matter as nutrients. The last 6 weeks are a curing period.  At the end of the curing period the finished product is screened, and a sample is sent to our test lab before the product is sold to the public to be used as a soil amendment.


                                                    Compostable materials               Non-compostable items                            

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