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Construction & Demolition

Construction site waste is diverted, recycled, and used back on your site.  Our process begins with a partnership with the builder. Waste materials are picked up from your site and taken to our facility where all materials are sorted into individual containers.

We begin the transformation by grinding the wood down and adding in other organic waste items. These consist of food waste, process water, and other vital nutrients.  What we end up with is a super compost that is alive with organisms and nutrients to help give your lawn or other planting ideas the best start possible.

Best of all, it’s renewable, sustainable and reduces tons of waste that would normally end up in landfills.

Order online below or call for Dispatch at 417.732.5100

Post Disposal is an experienced disposal provider for LEED certified projects

wood frame 3.jpg
Medium Dumpster

​30 cubic yard container is roughly ....x.....x.....

Large Size Dumpster
A 40 cubic yard container is roughly ....x....x.....  Due to weight limits, this size can only be used for wood debris.

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